Lisa Snowdon on Now Magazine

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‘The mirror helps me to keep fit!’

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: ‘I don’t know!’

Size: 10-12

Hey, Lisa! You’re looking incredible – what’s your favourite workout?

Reformer Pilates and HIIT. I like to keep my body guessing.

Good tip! How do you motivate yourself to keep fit?

Looking in the mirror. Also, exercise is good for my mind. I know the endorphins will make me feel good.

Definitely! Do you have a body part that’s harder to keep in shape?

I have to work harder on my tummy and my arms. But being tall means I can hide weight gain a little easier.

Do you take any supplements?

Yes, I take one miracle pill every morning on an empty stomach: Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Essence. It’s improved my energy levels, concentration and sleep. Plus, my overall immunity and general health have been boosted!

Amazing! What’s your guilty food pleasure?

Potatoes, chocolate, Italian food. I’ve got a pasta maker, so that means I’m going to be eating too many carbs…

What helps you boost your body confidence?

My posture – standing upright helps me feel more confident. On off days, I add some colour to my wardrobe and wear jeans that I love and fit me well.