Joyful July Must-Haves!

14 Jul 2016

Hark – July is upon us and we are hoping for it to be totes joyful! With a veritable PLETHORA of weddings, events and work to attend this month, we are in need of an arsenal of awesomeness to see us through. From supplements to skincare, sunscreen to teeth whitening, we think these bevvy of lovelies will keep us in check all July long! Click this way and find out who we have in our corner this July…


July Must-Haves: Aethic Sovee Triple-Filter Eco-Compatible Sunscreen by Fashion Du Jour LDN

We are hoping that the sun will FINALLY show his face this July and when he does decide to shine, we will be slathering ourselves with this lushness, here and abroad. Not only does this gorgeous product protect our skin, but it also protects the sea, marine life and coral! Organic AND effective, this little wonder is kind and caring on the skin with its three sun filters and super moisturising formula, packed with goodies for extra protection. You can also splash about in the sea guilt-free, without the worry that your sunscreen is damaging the environment in any way. Now that’s perfect for your next Fashion Du Jour-ney! Be sure to check out the company’s #CoralIsMoral campaign with The Going Blue Foundation which is seeking to ban Coral-killing sunscreens and works on restoration projects for coral reefs across the world.

July Must-Haves: Mink and Co Lashes By Fashion Du Jour LDN

We totes heart a good flutter of falsies here at FDJ LDN HQ and with these lashes from Mink & Co., we are sure to be taking our flash of lashes to the next level! Light-weight, comfortable, luxurious AND affordable, these bad boi’s are upping our lash game. PLUS unlike other falsies, these can be reused at least 25 times! Work out the cost per wear based on that and you are laughing fillies! AND did we mention how beautiful the boxes are? The company can also create custom-made lashes tailored to suit your eye shape and look you wish to achieve. We reckon that would be uh-mazing for those big occasions! We are planning on shooting these for forthcoming OOTD posts, so keep an eye out.

July Must-Haves: Mikei Red Reishi Essence Supplements by Fashion Du Jour LDN

As a right pair of busy bees the past few months, we were seeking an effective and easy way of supporting us through our hectic lifestyles. So when looking for an uh-mazing supplement that could help maintain energy levels, support our hearts, protect our immune system and our bodies against free radicals, Mikei’s Red Reishi Essence seemed to be the one to go for! Used for over 4000 years in Eastern medicine, Red Reishi Mushrooms are a powerhouse of potent awesomeness for those in need of a bit of balance, zen and support in their lives. We’ve been taking one of these a day for about a month now, first thing in the morning and have noticed the difference in our skin, stress levels and general well-being. We noticed we have been sleeping better too! PLUS Gwyneth Paltrow is a BIG fan, so we are great company.

July Must-Haves: Amphora Aromatics Shampoos by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Remember fillies, your hair is your crown that you never take off, so make sure you are polishing it with the right products! We have been coming clean in the most delicious of way thanks to these yummy shampoos from Amphora Aromatics! Packed with natural and gorgeous smelling ingredients and zero sulphates, these have been reviving our locks and our minds whilst we wash away the remains of the day. As a frequent washer, Nicky is a BIG fan of The Rose and Pomegranate Shampoo is perfect for any hair type. Powerful Pomegranate delivers hydration to the hair whilst restorative Rose soothes the scalp, leaving hair soft and shiny. Leigh loves the Amla and Clary Sage Rejuvenating Shampoo for balancing and soothing her overworked hair. As an actress, her hair can take a bit of a battering from constant products and styling, so she has been reaching for this to create a healthy shine whilst locking in moisturise and strengthening the roots.

Leading on from the above chat of looking after her mane, Leigh has started to take Hairburst supplements in an effort to restore and maintain her crowning glory. If you are on Instagram, you probably have seen lots of celebrities and uber bloggers alike posing and postting about these little wonders and so we decided to see if the hype converts into heavenly hair. Chock full of vitamins and nutrients essential for hair growth and strength (and potentially lacking from a busy gal’s diet), these supplements promise cumulative results from 2 weeks in, simply by taking two tablets a day. They promise to not only help you achieve luscious locks but also hydrate skin too! Bonus! We will be doing a follow up on the blog after the programme has finished, so stay tuned!

July Must-Haves: Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Another Instagram favourite that we can’t WAIT to start trying here at FDJ LDN HQ are from that jolly fellow Mr Blanc and his famous tooth whitening strips! Promising to deliver whiter teeth in just 2 weeks, we are super stoked to see if the claim is credible. Easy to use, with no need for trays or fussy fuss, these strips are simple to apply and safe on enamel…and can whiten your teeth by an average of 2.6 shades. We are ready to set our smile to stun! We will be posting our results on the blog in a couple of weeks time…that is if Hollywood hasn’t called us about our celebrity smile and insist on whisking us off to be a star!

July Must-Haves: Comvita MediHoney Natural Skintensive Cream by Fashion Du Jour LDN

When our skin has been in need of serious soothing, we haven’t hesitated in reaching for this tube of terrificness. Made with medical grade Manuka Honey, rich plant butters and a whole lot of love, this has been caring for our stressed out skin and has also been battling Leigh’s Eczema (or Stress-ma as we like to call it) a treat. A little goes a LONG way, so this tube will see us through the next few months flawlessly. We think it would make an amazing aftersun, as it definitely takes the tingle out of itchy, red and stressed skin.