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The Cultivation of Mikei Red Reishi originates in Gunma-Ken, Japan. The Mayuzumi family has been cultivating high quality Reishi mushrooms in the Gunma Prefecture, a mountainous area north of Tokyo, for three generations. There, they mastered the technique of the Whole Wood Log cultivation method using Japanese oak logs.

For over 25 years, Mr. Mayuzumi has dedicated himself to promoting a greater understanding of the wonderful benefits of Reishi and to ensuring the high quality of Reishi-derived products.

In 1976, Mr. Mayuzumi founded Nikkei Co Limited, a member of the Japan Reishi Association, in order to uphold the long family tradition of growing and supplying fine Reishi mushrooms. At the same time, Mikei Red Reishi was born.


Whole Wood Log Cultivation Technology was first introduced in 1971 by the Mayuzumi family. This state-of-the-art technology successfully cultivated the very unique Mikei Red Reishi.

The process begins with the culturing of high quality Reishi fungi strain in test tubes for about 85 days. The germinating fungi are then inserted into holes drilled into selected 25- 30 years old Japanese oak wood logs. The logs are then placed in greenhouses and buried under nutrient-rich soil for 5 months. Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light intensity and nutrients are all closely monitored to maintain optimum growing conditions. The greenhouse is sprayed with moisture daily to stimulate growth and maintain a humidity of 90 to 95%. The plants are grown for another 100 days until they mature to their full size. In total, it takes one year to grow one Mikei superior Reishi fungus.

With state-of-the-art technology and continual supervision, the cultivated Reishi crop can then achieve the highest value when harvested.

Mikei Whole Wood Log cultivated Red Reishi is proven to be more reliable than wild grown red Reishi. The fertilizer-free and pollutant-free environment used by the whole wood log cultivation method ensures that the Reishi plant will grow under the optimal, natural, environmental conditions; a requirement in maximizing the healthcare value of the Reishi crop.


The active ingredients in Reishi are polysaccharides.

A reputable Hong Kong consumer journal published in 2000 a report on the analysis of 26 Reishi products in the market. The results show Mikei Red Reishi Essence to contain the highest concentration of polysaccharides of all products tested, thus cementing Mikei's position as the leader in the market.*

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